Monday, September 6, 2010

Flyover Farm

After our wedding, Chad and I moved to a new home. It's a 3 acre farm west of Phoenix. We LOVE it. It really doesn't take me long to fill up a backyard with animals. So- here is a who's who of "Flyover Farm!" The above photo is what Chad gave me for my wedding present!
All the boys out in the field...
Jet and his designer fly mask!
And here we have "The Happiest Basset, Riddy!" This is Demure and his "mini-Demure" Maximus. I rode Demure and led Maximus down the street. They were great!
This is One eyed Will. He loves the camera, and thought it best to smile for it! (Will is very very old, so we don't make fun of his bad teeth. He saw the dentist about them a month ago... Seriously.)
This is Chili Pepper. He belongs to a student of mine. We liked him so much we told them he could live with us!
And here is Maximus and Chad. The men of the farm! This shows you how tiny Maximus is!

Brett and her ladies... The hens really do eat all of your bugs! Scorpions and crickets are their favorites. This is Rose. She is a bit camera shy... and not the nicest one! She does lay an egg almost daily though! This is Javier. Javy for short, and she loves me! This is Tyrone. Don't ask...
And here we have Panda! She is the oldest, and hasn't laid an egg yet! However, she is a big old lady and we love her!


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